I have spent my life learning the art of visual storytelling and how it makes the viewer respond emotionally and bring forward thoughts and reflections.

A passion reflected in the variety of my work where I create a unique universe for each story by using colors, spaces, and rhythm.

Two of my films have been shortlisted for Best Directing at Cannes Lions YDA and Shots Awards in 2016 and one EMMY nomination for Best Writing in 2017.

I love commercials as they push me to simplify and intensify my storytelling to be able to convey complex stories under strict rules. It makes me grow as a storyteller. This is why I am constantly developing my advertising work. Among some, I have directed commercials for Unicef, Pfizer, Gainomax, Samsung, Unibet, and Matas.


Oh, also:  I worked as Nicolai Fuglsig's Creative Assistant on the war movie "12 Strong" produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (Black Hawk Down, Pirates of the Caribbean, Top Gun, etc.) and Black Label Media (Sicario) starring Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon and was shot by Rasmus Videbæk (A Royal Affair, The Dark Tower). On the movie, I worked closely with Nicolai and Rasmus through the pre-production and production, and I sat with Nicolai all the way through the edit. During production, I was given the 3rd Unit to direct almost all of the Taliban being killed during the final battle scene of the movie.