I have spent my life trying to understand the art of visual storytelling and how it makes the viewer respond emotionally and bring forward thoughts and reflections.


It has always fascinated me how we, as individuals, can have different responses to the same image or sequence of images only by essentially manipulating light and sound.

The emotions and thoughts the visual language can evoke keep inspire, and motivate me to constantly investigate and look for new and interesting ways of communicating with any audience.



Michael Gug Kongshaug is a Danish writer and director from Copenhagen, Denmark. He graduated from the American Film Institute in 2016.

Michael has directed commercials for international brands like LEGO, Unibet, UNICEF, Pfizer, and Samsung.


Michael has twice been shortlisted for the Young Director Award at the Cannes Lions for his two short films “Exit” and “No Way Back”.


As a writer, Michael was nominated for an EMMY for Best Writing for Drama for a Student Short for his film “No Way Back”.

Michael wrote “No Way Back” after a job for UNICEF where he visited legal and illegal refugee camps holding Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.


Michael worked as Nicolai Fuglsig's Creative Assistant on "12 Strong" produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (Black Hawk Down, Pirates of the Caribbean, Top Gun, etc.) and Black Label Media (Sicario) starring Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon.


Michael worked closely with Nicolai from pre-production all the way through the edit.


During production, Michael was given the 3rd Unit to direct.